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As everybody knows, a wise old saying goes: In a healthy body dwells an equally healthy mind. For some, however, the body apparently ends at the throat. What happens just a few centimeters above, that is, in the mouth, seems to be disconnected from the body. What a mistake! Healthy teeth and good oral hygiene are constituents of human general well-being.

Periodontosis and caries, for instance, are considered widespread diseases, which gives unfortunate evidence of the fact that a lot of people aren’t exactly strict about dental health. About 90 percent of Germans suffer from dental disorders and many aren’t even aware of it. Periodontosis is an insidious process, which may ultimately lead to loss of a tooth.

It is in early childhood that the course is set for careless dental and oral hygiene, whereas the little ones should capture the idea of brushing their teeth as being a standard of their daily routine. Parents could make it a funny event and turn the brushing of teeth into a morning and evening ritual.


It’s rather strange: Each and every day the fashion and advertising business presents us with images of perfectly built bodies, and not a few consumers go to great lengths to commensurate to these "ideal" measures. It makes them accept a good number of ordeals, putting themselves on one diet and the next, or they may even undergo surgery. Besides sweat and pain, all this asks for one thing in particular: a huge amount of money. Similarly, the high-gloss pictures and commercials present us with dazzling white, well-proportioned teeth, making every smile a true delight. However, in this respect the drive for imitation does not seem to be that fervent. Yet healthy, well-shaped teeth are equally important. Good teeth mean good chewing and consequently good predigestion. Vice versa, a healthy diet is an important factor in dental health, for instance by invigorating the gums, by supplying it with vitamins and by eliminating harmful germs. Finally: To anybody with good teeth it is all well to laugh and she or he will be a winner everywhere. Who wants to look at ruins, anyway? Apart from that, an unrestrained, bright laughter will stimulate muscles, relieve from stresses and may even reinforce the immune system.

Thus, things add up.Dental health implies oral hygiene. Another saying goes: Anybody with a bad breath will be lonesome. Bacteria can make life difficult. Passing through the mouth and throat they may intrude into other body regions, too, besides infesting teeth and the oral cavity. Billions of bacteria of up to 300 kinds roam the oral cavity.

Dental health, therefore, is an extremely complex matter comprising medical, psychological, aesthetic and even social aspects. Consequently, preventive education is paramount – and it should not address just the children. On account of this „Dental Health-Day“ is celebrated in Germany each September. Dentists, insurance companies, professional associations etc. annually organize a multitude of actions aiming to raise the nation’s awareness of this subject.




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All humans crave for well-being, since a healthy body will enshrine a healthy mind. Healthy teeth and good oral hygiene should be of utter importance to every individual. Following you’ll find more information on getting handsome teeth by bleaching.

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